History of the brand

Our French fashion house Rychal de Carne is located in the heart of Paris, in Champs Elysee, 30 Tremoille Street. When we're thinking about fashion, we always say: "Paris and its districts all the time inspire us to create something new and special." Inspired by this fashionable district, we have created a unique and luxurious collection. Indeed, it'll fit everyone! Each person who wears this apparel will look expensive and delicate.

Our brand philosophy primarily works for those who appreciate fashionable, luxurious, and bright collections. It's for those who think in advance about what to wear tomorrow, come in at lunch or birthday party to impress everyone. This collection is for people who smile, aren't in a hurry each morning, enjoy wearing new looks and going to café for a cup of coffee. They desire to show themselves, look at others, and have a smart talk with them. Our collection is for people who like to impress and delight everyone. Looking at such a person, you can say: "You look gorgeous!".

Another feature of the Rychal de Carne fashion house is about the ability to combine the uncombinable. Our diamond jewelry is combined perfectly with sport and denim looks. Since the release, they have become a must-have. Our collection is what everyone's looking for to look expensive, comfortable, and gorgeous.

Patented bag Icône de Paris fully reflects our creativity and perfect French style. The uniqueness of the design, charm, costliness, and comfort - all fuse together in this small accessory.

We choose gold of the highest standard and purest diamonds for our jewelry. They look massive, gorgeous, and elegant. You can see the unique approach, a combination of audacity, beauty, luxury, and grace.

We control the production and create our products in Italy and France only. Our fashion house meets high-quality standards.

Wear luxurious clothes and look gorgeous. Enjoy Rychal de Carne looks!